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Basic Concepts and Recommendations:
Die Cushion Tonnage
The die cushions R.H.F. (ring holding force) should be equal to10-20% of press' rated tonnage.
Die Cushion Stroke
Die cushion stroke is usually equal to 50% of press' stroke.
Press Bed Opening
Die cushion assembly has to fit inside press bed opening.
Press Bed Height
Total die cushion assembly height including any plumbing has to be less that total press bed height unless there is a pit underneath the press.
Die Cushion Mounting
Die cushions can be mounted to the bolster or to the press bed. Mounting type depends on the size of the assembly, if press bed has any existing ledges or bosses, ease of installation and cost.
Additonal Features
An array of additional options that die cushion can have include: special size pin pads, J.I.C. wear strips or pads, centralized external greasing system, raised pin pads with or without slug chute, hydraulic or air-exhaust hold-down during the stroke (for redrawing) or at the bottom of the stroke, die cushion position control, die cushion controlled return, tonnage control throughout the stroke, die cushion synchronizing, deceleration of return stroke.
Additional Information:
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