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Follow these steps in order to select correct cushion model for your application:

Select a model rated at the desired tonnage (20% of press' tonnage)

Compare your press bed size to minimum bed opening required for the die cushion you have chosen, also check your overall space from bed top to floor.

If model selected is too large, select an alternate high pressure cushion that will produce the desired R.H.F., but in smaller size.

Make sure that the model selected offers big enough pin pad area. If not, please consult factory for special pin pad design.

Determine the type of mounting desired (bolster or press bed).

If bolster plate mounting is selected, verify mounting rods locations.

If mounting to the press bed is selected, advise location and size of drilled/tapped holes, mounting ledges, rails, bosses, etc. to which die cushion structure is to be attached.

Advise factory about any special features:
* Cushion should stop 1/2" below the bolster plate
* Raised pin pad or lug chute design is required
* Cushion will be used in rapid application


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