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The following is the procedure for mounting the die cushion to the bolster plate:

(1) The die cushion should be mounted to the bolster plate so that it is centrally located with reference to the opening in the press bed. To accomplish this it is advisable to scribe the press bed opening on the underside of the bolster plate before removing it from the press. This outline will locate the relative position for attaching the die cushion.

(2) Remove the bolster plate and check both surfaces carefully to make sure they are flat and parallel. THIS IS IMPORTANT! If surfaces are bowed or not parallel, have them machined and then replace the bolster plate on the press and again scribe the opening on the underside of it.

(3) Layout hole centers on the underside of the bolster plate according to bolster mounting hole locations. The tolerances on these holes must be held to a maximum of plus or minus 1/64", otherwise the mounting rods will not line up with the holes in the bottom flange of the die cushion unit. Drill and tap holes, making sure that the holes are square with the surface of the bolster plate. If blind holes are used, be sure a minimum length of full thread is tapped in the bolster plate.

(4) Bolt the bolster plate onto the press bed in its normal position.

(5) Screw the ends of the four mounting rods with the short length of thread into the bolster plate. Make sure that the shoulders of these rods are securely screwed up to the plate.

(6) Place cushion under the press in its correct relative position, making sure the side with the name plate is toward the front of the press. Raise the die cushion into position so that the mounting rods pass through the holes in the bottom flange of the cushion and arrange some temporary blocking device to hold the cushion unit in place. Run on the four nuts and lock washers, making sure they are pulled up tight so that the shoulders of the rods are secured against the bottom flange of cushion.

(7) Each cushion unit is completely lubricated before shipping; however, it is advisable to lubricate each fitting until grease emerges from between the piston and cylinder walls before cushion is put into operation. The same procedure should be followed after every 8 hours of operation.
Refer to Low or High Pressure Die Cushion Plumbing for instructions on the installation of plumbing with or without booster pump.

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