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Model HD Die Cushion is very popular with the stamper who has a wide variety of jobs and who must frequently change dies.

* Booster Pump supplied as standard equipment to double shop air pressure to achieve high ring holding forces.
* The unit has an exclusive adjustable stroke feature that allows the operator to adjust the die cushion draw up to 2" rather than changing pressure pins for length when a different job is set-up
* Mounting may be made to bolster plate, to the press frame or to the bed superstructure.
* Construction is of steel, welded and normalized, with bronzed bearing surface.
* Standard pin pads are throuh hardened and ground. Types are available in round, rectangular or square shapes at customer option.
* Lubrication fittings are positioned at the front of the lower flange on standard designs. An external centralized greasing system is available at customer option.
* The unit features excellent guiding by use of an internal cylinder rod, and generous cylinder to piston overlap. An external guiding mechanism is available at customer option.
* Furnished complete with pin pad, mounting structure, surge tank, regulator, gauge hoses, fittings, booster pump and Installation Service Manual.
* Each installation is warranted for one year from date of shipment.
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