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Model C Die Cushion is one of the most popular pneumatic die cushions built to withstand long heavy duty stamping operations.

* Operates at normal shop air pressure. Booster pump is not required.
*Mounting may be made to the bolster plate, to the press frame, or to the bed superstructure.
* Construction is of steel cylinder and cast iron piston. Excellent internal guiding achieved by generous overlap between cylinder and piston, and external guiding mechanism can be designed to insure against off-center loading conditions.
* When used in batteries, common pin pads may be used. Special raised pin pads may be designed for use with presses with smaller than normal bed openings.
* Furnished complete with pin pad, mounting structure, regulator, gauge, hoses, fittings, surge tank, with accessories, Installation & Service Manual.

* Each installation is warranted for one year from date of shipment.
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